We are pleased to announce that the ELF Board of Directors and delegates from ELF’s Member Organisations voted to accept two new affiliate members and two full members to our liberal family!

Full Members

21 Research Center (Hungary): The Hungarian 21 Research Center is an established research partner of ELF’s IBM (Inditsuk Be Magyarorszagot), the political foundation of their local liberal party, Momentum Movement. Focusing primarily on data collection and data analysis,  21 Research Center wants to leverage the research expertise it has developed over the years and apply it in an international context. 

For more details, check out 21 Research Center’s website

Venstres Studieforbund (Norway): Venstres Studieforbund (VS), a study association linked to the Norwegian Venstre Party, joined ELF as an affiliate member in 2021 as the first and only Norwegian member to this date. Norway’s EU membership has become more important since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Venstres Sturieforbund believes liberals are at the forefront of this debate, and VS wants to play an active part in building knowledge of the benefits of Norwegian EU membership.

For more details, check out Venstres Studieforbund’s website

Affiliate Members

Golos.Kyiv (Ukraine): Golos.Kyiv is the political foundation of the Ukrainian Liberal Party, the Golos Party. Golos.Kyiv was established in 2020 in response to the call of the growing Ukrainian liberal community after Ukraine’s three decades of democratic development. Their mission is to help social transformation in Ukraine with strengthening the very principles of open society, human rights, and the rule of law.

For more details, check out Golos’ website

Institute Liberalis (Lithuania): Founded by the Liberal Movement as the party’s analytical centre, Institute Liberalis is committed to fostering critical thinking, promoting open dialogue, and advancing policies that uphold individual liberties, social justice, and economic prosperity. With ELF membership, Institute Liberalis aims to not only further enhance their own understanding of liberal principles but also to engage in meaningful collaborations that will amplify the impact of their work.

For more details, check out Institute Liberalis’ website

Fireside Chat: Towards the European Elections

During the General Assembly, we also welcomed speakers Katalin Cseh, MEP, Vice President of the Renew Group, Member of ELF’s Board of Directors, Balint Gyevai, Secretary General of LYMEC, Didrik de Schaetzen, Interim Secretary General of ALDE Party and moderator Catharina Rinzema, MEP and Member of ELF’s Board of Directors. The Fireside Chat opened up the discussions around the upcoming 2024 EU elections and the liberal strategies, with each speaker offering the perspectives from their respective political parties or groups.

You can see more General Assembly Day photos on the ELF Flickr.

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