During our recent General Assembly, the European Liberal Forum adopted new amendments, as requested by the Authority for European Political Parties and European Political Foundations, aimed at limiting the voting powers of our non-EU members. 

The European Liberal Forum wishes to emphasize that our members in non-EU countries are indispensable contributors to our work, bringing unique experiences, expertise, and substantial value to our community. Furthermore, in a time when the EU is actively pursuing an expanded global influence, we firmly believe in the importance of supporting our partners outside the EU, as well as those in our neighbouring regions who aspire to join the EU, as they are crucial to the realization of the European project. Therefore, we regret the necessity of amending our Statutes, which might suggest that our non-EU members hold lesser value or rights than others. 

In collaboration with the ALDE Party, we remain committed to ensuring that all our members, both within the EU and beyond, can fully participate in the activities of the European Liberal Forum.

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