About the event

Aiming to help repair the immediate economic and social damage brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, the Next Generation EU programme is the first of its kind in terms of volume and the role of own resources. In many ways, the post-covid recovery package will only be as strong as the schemes and initiatives it funds. With huge volumes of public money being invested into the Next Generation EU fund, there is also compelling argument that the quality and relevance of the submitted national recovery plans need to be evaluated.

Following up the book published by the European Liberal Forum on the topic, the roundtable will focus particularly on the areas of climate and digitalisation, and after a brief introduction of each author’s contribution, the speakers will discuss how viable and future-proof the respective national proposals really are. In front of audience of students and general public, the goal of the roundtable is to take stock of the effects of the Next Generation EU programme so far, in political, economic, and social terms, also in light of the recent developments of the national plans. 


Presentation of the ELF publication “NextGenerationEU – Taking Stock” by Gian Marco Bovenzi, Fondazione Luigi Einaudi 

First panel

Speaker: Jan Machacek, Chairman, Institute of Politics and Society  

Speaker: Veronica Grembi, Professor at University of Rome La Sapienza, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, NRRP Technical Secretariat 

Speaker: Kristijan Kotarski, Professor at University of Zagreb 

Moderated by Renata Gravina, Fondazione Luigi Einaudi 

Second panel

Speaker: Karolina Mickuté, Lecturer at the Lithuanian Maritime Academy and Research Fellow at Vrije University Brussels 

Speaker: Ricardo Silvestre, Movimento Liberal Social 

Speaker: Milosz Hodun, Projekt Polska 

Moderated by Prof. Jorge Botelho Moniz, Lusofona University  

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