As the EU adopts short-term measures to wean ourselves off Russian gas, a larger question looms: how to prepare for our medium and long-term energy independence? Building additional fossil fuel infrastructure, like LNG terminals, means we can buy fuels from friendlier nations. But it keeps us locked into an old energy system and on track for a climate disaster, according to the IPCC. 

Renewables, if deployed massively, could fill the gap. However, they face intermittency and seasonality issues. To succeed, they need to be part of a systemic overhaul of our energy system, including electrifying and reducing demand, building storage capabilities, and re-investing in our electric and gas infrastructure. The good news is the EU is already developing all the technologies needed to achieve this moonshot. 

During this On The Agenda webinar we will review the different paths to energy independence, weigh their respective opportunities and drawbacks, and help listeners understand how EU cleantech fits into the picture.


14:00 ELF welcome 

Daniel Kaddik, Executive Director, European Liberal Forum 

Moderator: Jules Besnainou, Executive Director, Cleantech for Europe  

14:05 Presentation on topic  

14:40 Moderated discussion and Q&A with participants 

15:00 End of the event 

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