China and the European Union are both partners and rivals, depending on the policy field. From their joint effort to cut emissions and protect the environment, to technological and trade competition, and the lack of clarity in China’s position on Russia’s war in Ukraine, the European Liberal Forum seeks to provide a better understanding of the EU-China relationship and the outcomes of the annual Summit that require careful analysis.  

China is becoming increasingly assertive, aiming to militarily challenge the United States, while conducting serious diplomacy and expanding its economic influence. This part of state’s larger mission to enhance its smart power and presence in the EU and beyond. “Brussels” needs to re-consider its cooperation with China towards a well-balanced relationship between benefits and competitiveness, especially when it comes to the strategic supply chain and security. The EU’s stance over China must be clarified to avoid Europeans becoming stuck in the middle of a new Cold War-like scenario between China and the US. 

During this webinar, we will discuss mutual economic ties and rivalries, geopolitical tensions in Southeast Asia, Chinese diplomacy and the EU’s position between the US and China.  

Speakers include:

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