The new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), to be adopted by January 2023, aims to contribute to the goals of the European Green Deal, implementing social, economic and environmental approaches to achieve more sustainable and greener agriculture. Incentivising climate-friendly farming practices that capture CO2 from the atmosphere, will contribute to these objectives. The carbon farming initiative announced with the Farm to Fork Strategy, and reiterated with the Forest Strategy for 2030, can help develop carbon farming as a business model, enhancing the respective market and creating new opportunities for private initiatives and investors.  

However, in order to achieve these goals, we must understand what is still missing in practical terms in order to make this policy fit farmers’ needs. How can we build on the knowledge, data, and technologies that already exist and scale them up to reach farmers and local rural communities? How can Europe ensure proper verification and certification for carbon farming? And how can the culture of healthy food help us reach the objectives of the new CAP?   

Speakers include:

Moderated by Sam Morgan, Journalist

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