About the event  

The aim of the workshop is to identify what are the main characteristics of new Euroscepticism, especially in Hungary and Slovakia and to give useful tools to the youth to fight against right-wing populism. This is why we wish to invite a Hungarian politician and an Italian political expert, to show the two sides of the problem, and help us to understand why our communities are susceptible to populism and how it is connected with Euroscepticism, especially for the new kind (soft) Euroscepticism.  


16:00 ELF welcome 
Milosz Hodun, member, Board of Directors, ELF (online

16:10 How strong is Euroscepticism in Hungary and Italy and what we can do against it? 

Invited speakers 

Bendek Farkas, International expert, Momentum 

Giovanni Savoni, Professor, University di Parma 

Andrea Virág, Director of Strategy, Republikon 

Dániel Mikecz, Senior Researcher, Republikon 

18:00 End of the event 

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