Who doesn’t like a good fiction novel about the future? It takes us to a distant land, centuries into the future and it shows us what the human race can achieve if it has the right conditions to flourish. Once we close the book and we think of the present day, we cannot help but wonder what needs to be done now in order for the human race to turn fiction into reality.

During this event we discussed how can liberals foster innovation in Europe and reach new frontiers. We need not be scared of the future, but embrace its challenges and see how we can encourage and contribute to the creation of a liberal environment and mindset at the cutting edge of certain fields: digital, health, and hardware.


Innovation can (or should) be found in all areas of life. Ranging from the digital domain and the hardware that we use, to our education and health systems. More and more hardware dreams are slowly becoming a reality, from reusable space rockets and self-driving cars to new renewable energies and delivery drones. But how many of the developments are taking place in Europe compared to other geo-political actors.

How can we provide enough incentives for hardware innovators and companies of all sizes to stay or come to Europe? What is the most beneficial environment for citizens, entrepreneurs and companies? How should the EU support cutting-edge hardware start-ups in order to remain an important innovative environment on the world stage? What can the EU change so that we can transform fiction into science?

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