About the event

The 2023 edition will focus on data storytelling. Data storytelling is a methodology for communicating information, tailored to a specific audience, with a compelling narrative. Data storytelling helps political organizations to make better use of (huge amount of) data they’re collecting, putting a human perspective on the increasingly complex and rapidly changing world of the digital era.

The event is created for beginners, with no previous experience with data storytelling. It will present basic rules and useful tools to enable participates to use modern communication in their organizations.

Day 1

09:30 ELF welcome
Milosz Hodun, Board Member, European Liberal Forum

09:45 Introduction to the programme – Michal Tecza, Project Coordinator, Projekt: Polska

10:15 Introduction to the Data Storytelling – Rafał Szymczyk, lead trainer

14:30 Four Questions: How to upgrade the data story? How to lie (not) with statistics? How to choose the graph and chart? How to choose the graph and chart? – Rafał Szymczyk

17:00 Inforgram for beginners – Rafał Szymczyk

Day 2

09:30 Inforgram for beginners II

10:30 Flourish for beginners

13:00 Summary and inspiration

– Rafał Szymczyk

13:45 Evaluation – Michal Tecza, Project Coordinator, Projekt: Polska

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