The glp lab is a think tank and grassroots initiative in Switzerland that aims to find new ways for policy-making and political engagement. It was founded in 2016 and while being a standalone legal entity, glp Lab is in a close partnership with the Green Liberal Party of Switzerland (GLP).

The Swiss political system is based on voluntary, local engagement. However, more and more people no longer engage in politics, due to increased mobility and incompatibility with their everyday life. Political interest shifts away from regional engagement towards a more theme-focused and temporary involvement. It is our vision to be a policy lab that stimulates creativity and generates an open space for innovative solutions. We are open to anyone who wants to find new ways and contribute to policy-making, independently of their political affiliation. In doing so, we uphold our core values of Liberalism and a progressive and optimistic mindset.

Thematically, the think tank deals with the living and working world of the future, with a new generation contract, with transparency in political financing, a modern, liberal drug policy and is always on the lookout for new topics neglected or unsolved by Swiss politics.

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Address: Monbijoustrasse 30, 3011 Bern, Schweiz

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