Institute Liberalis, is an analytical center founded by the Liberal Movement party (Lithuania), which is a part of ALDE family. We are dedicated to fostering critical thinking, promoting open dialogue, and advancing policies that champion individual liberties, social justice, and economic prosperity.

Institute Liberalis embraces the principles of individual rights and freedoms, a free-market economy, the rule of law, and equality for all. We stand against discrimination and the erosion of civil liberties. We actively champion environmental stewardship and sustainability as we work to create a better world for future generations.

Though newly established, we have hit the ground running with impactful projects. Our annual Liberal Ideas Festival fosters open discussions on a wide range of topics, attracting influential figures from society, business, culture, and politics. We aim to transform this event into an internationally recognized celebration of open discourse and liberal thought. Through the LILY project, we are empowering politically ambitious women with the knowledge and tools needed to engage effectively in politics, promoting a liberal democratic perspective. Our collaboration with the House of National Communities and our quarterly journal project demonstrates our commitment to spreading liberal values through education and thoughtful discourse.

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Address: Gediminas Avenue 64, Vilnius, Vilnius City Municipality, Lithuania

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