Year: 2023

Editors: Dr. Nina Tomaževič, Dr. Dejan Ravšelj, Dr. Aleksander Aristovnik

Society faces many societal, economic and technological issues that will be addressed with this project since these are long-term structural challenges such as global warming, natural resource depletion, rising inequalities, demographic trends, growing economic disparity, etc. The COVID-19 pandemic emerged as an additional challenge, revealing the digital divide and emphasising the importance of leveraging digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) even more. Accordingly, the main goal of the publication is to examine the current AI landscape and initiatives in the European Union (EU) and explore their role within the context of the human-centric society. It is crucial to understand the governance and regulation of AI, as well as the challenges and opportunities for the EU to leverage digital evolution and AI and identify good practices and scalable solutions to support future-oriented Europe and maintain a stable and healthy economy.

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