ISBN: 978-2-9602333-7-7
Year: 2020

Authors: Adriana Černá, David Djambazov, Marek Hlavica
Editor: Toni Skorić

Educating people about their rights and responsibilities and unhindered reporting on human rights violations are vital prerequisites for creating strong liberal democracies. However, individuals, groups or organisations dedicated to this goal can face serious challenges in the countries in which they work.

In order to reach out to people defending human rights, we need to discover and acquaint ourselves with more effective ways of communication. Knowing how to use and keep abreast of audio-visual means of communication and social media, as well as building a good relationship with the media, are important skills for raising awareness for your cause and reaching out to a wider public.

This publication will show you how to use audio-visual storytelling and audience targeting to get your message across and will provide you with practical takeaways for managing social media and media relations.

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