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What is the proper role of the government? What economic system should we follow in order to prosper and progress in freedom and order? What are the key services a government needs to provide for a society? What is the best way to create a fair and innovative system of education? What is the government’s role in monetary matters? And should we determine who is allowed to enter into a certain profession through the means of government? Shouldn’t at least medical doctors be licensed?
Those and many other questions are answered in Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom from 1962. In this important book, the great American economist delivers a crisp and engaging series of essays on the fundamental roles of government. He offers a solid and constructive critique of the flaws of the modern democratic welfare state and demonstrates concrete solutions to the problems of the system.
The book is aimed at an interested audience, not at professional economists or philosophers. It is an overview of Milton Friedman’s economic and philosophical beliefs packed into a short book of 243 pages. Friedman is a firm believer in individual liberty and responsibility, as well as the powers of the market and its invisible hand. He sketches the importance of voluntary exchange and a competitive economic system which allows individuals to trade and cooperate with each other in pursuit of their individual goals.

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