ISBN: 978-2-39067-052-0

Year: 2022

Editors: Milosz Hodun

The problem of loneliness is recognised by European liberals, who seek solutions in the spirit of European cooperation, respect for freedom, paying special attention to young people and believing that technology is not only part of the problem but also the key to its solution in modern Europe.

Action taken against the ‘loneliness epidemic’ must be comprehensive. It is not only investment in psychological and psychiatric assistance, which seems most natural here. It is not only increased care for the oldest or most economically excluded citizens. It is also measures such as better planning for urban development, building a more inclusive educational system or designing digital capitalism more wisely. A ministry of solitude might not be the most optimal solution, but cross-sectoral coordination of all public authority activities is necessary to effectively tackle a challenge that will only intensify in the years to come.

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