Year: 2023

Author: Adisa Memišević and Sanel Huskić, Boris Divković Foundation

The aim of this analysis is to review the current standpoints on youth representation in politics in European liberal political parties, to map their roles and strategies for advancement of youth political inclusion, and to increase the visibility of successful examples. Political, legal and policy contexts and frameworks in Sweden, Spain, Croatia and Poland are reviewed and assessed through an analysis of their (non)implementation of quota systems, and include an overview of current youth representation in the parliaments of their respective countries.

Previous research indicates that political parties often do not support young politicians’ participation in the processes of political program development, despite having adopted youth programs and policies. This research is designed as a case study of four liberal parties in the aforementioned countries and their strategies for development and promotion of youth political participation within the party, as well as in their respective countries. Comparative analysis was conducted using a mixed methods approach, combining qualitative analysis of primary and secondary data and quantitative analysis of primary data collection to triangulate the information to the highest extent possible. In order to develop a new regional story, this research examines intra-party democracy in these four liberal parties, map their current views on youth and politics and see what types of activities could be introduced and adjusted to the needs of their parties and party systems.

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