Year: 2023

Editors: Luis Cano & Jason Frazer

Being a liberal is challenging in today’s polarised climate. In a world where many seek simple answers, our ideology often pushes us to provide complex solutions to overly simplified problems or, in some cases, not even genuine ones. There is a tendency from conservatives and progressives to embrace extreme positions and place individuals into categorical boxes, fostering a climate where anything divergent is feared and those who embrace complexity are at risk of being canceled.

We are witnessing a surge in anti-LGBTOI+ rhetoric which attempts to oversimplify complex issues like individual freedom and self­ determination. In many locations, what was formerly merely rhetoric has become real governing policies. This rhetoric extends beyond its anti-LGBTOI+ spotlight; it opposes women standing up for equal rights. minorities for daring to join politics instead of confining themselves to the civil sector, youth daring to dream, and the elderly for reminding us how the past should never be repeated. Ultimately, this rhetoric stands in direct opposition to the very values liberals uphold.

From a pragmatic perspective, we need to make our candidates reflect the individuals they aim to represent. We must prepare all our politicians to advocate a message of tolerance and commit to fighting for the individual. no matter how different the individual may be from the politician. We need to make our parties more welcoming to people who believe liberal organisations are exclusive clubs. We need to remind the voter that liberals are committed to standing for equality, including the commitment to encourage members of underrepresented communities to join office and active political life.

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