Year: 2021

Author: Victoria Bäck

DOI: 10.53121/ELFRP1

ISSN: 2736-5816

The concept of self-driving vehicles has grown beyond a sci-fi fantasy and could be the next step in vehicle mobility. EU regulators are being approached by the automotive industry, which is already calling out for the necessary preconditions, yet uncertainty remains a key issue.

This briefing paper aims to present a clear and synthesized overview of self-driving regulations in the EU. It argues that certain regulations such as those regarding type approval, need to be either updated or reinvented, thus allowing the UNECE and its subsidiary bodies to refer to appropriate legislation in technical decision-making and hopefully meet more frequently in order to keep up with technological developments. Aligning the EU’s ambitious vision of CAM with a proper policy framework calls for establishing a European identity in the development of automated driving with safety and innovation at its core.

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