Year: 2020
Author: Dirk Verhofstadt

Liberalism is the first ideological movement in modern history. In the course of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, philosophers, writers and politicians began to identify with the human values of freedom, justice and progress. Liberal ideology has inspired and motivated countless citizens over the past 200 years and has incited many to fight for a freer, more equal and humane society.The Liberal Canon serves as a useful guide for anyone seeking to learn more about liberalism. With the aid of authors and their publications this book aims to show how and to what extent thinkers from the past and today have left a lasting impact on one of the most successful ideologies of our time. The essay The Foundations of Liberalism is an attempt to create a coherent summary of the various standpoints held by these authors who lived in diverse countries and periods in time.

ISBN: 9789074791366

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