Make the future your biggest ally

The speed at which the world is evolving and changing every aspect of our lives is astonishing. Scenarios that were once only part of science-fiction are now our everyday lives. This is the moment to reflect upon the leadership of tomorrow, define European policies, and reinforce our democratic values.

The future is upon us – and liberals are ready to embrace it. Instead of fearing what is coming, we shape the agenda for a freer and fairer world. This is the moment to reflect upon the leadership of tomorrow, define European policies, and reinforce our democratic values.

In this effort, the European Liberal Forum provides a space of inspiration and dialogue to make the future our biggest ally.

Join us in a two-month journey to the future!

Fear Of The Future: The Audiobook

Fear Of The Future describes an unconventional image of the future that explains why the world is going to turn out better than we think.

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Access the short version.

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Liberal White Book

In 2020, the European Liberal Forum took the lead to discuss the most pressing future issues on the road to a Europe that is freer, fairer, and more liberal.

Together with top experts, such as Simon Hix, Professor at the London School of Economics, and Renaud Dehousse, President of the European University Institute, we deliberated on democracy and trade, to digitalisation and security.

ELF has compiled insight from theses forums into a Liberal White Book, a flagship publication that aims to influence decision-makers and shape liberal discussions about the future.

Past events:

The Future Fights Back | 05 March 2021

For too long populists have spurned liberal democracy with their pessimistic ideas and public discourse. Now it is time for liberal and optimistic ideas to fight back.

The Future Fights Back aims to inject foresight and optimism in politics, discuss why the world is getting better than we think and move from nostalgia to innovation.

Steven Pinker, Yascha Mounk and Karen Horn offered an optimistic vision of the world and called us to not fear the future – but own it.

Lessons from the Infodemic for the Future of Media and Technology | 10 March 2021 

The pandemic and the international efforts to deal with it have been an entry point for misinformation and disinformation campaigns. This so-called infodemic raises questions on the future role of science, technology and the media in our societies.

As the end of the pandemic comes into sight, we are granted the opportunity to shape the day after. On 10 March, our speakers discussed the lessons learnt from the Covid-19 infodemic and provided their visions for the future of media and technology in a world beyond Covid-19.

Watch the full event now:

Watch the Keynote Speech by Futurist Gerd Leonhard:

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