Youth activism in political parties and elsewhere is at a very low level, whilst political participation, in general, is declining and political apathy among the youth is rising. Youngsters are not motivated enough to join the political parties and/or to be politically active to become changemakers and potential leaders. The political climate needs new generations that are ready to take over and spread European values for societal and economic prosperity in the future. Nevertheless, since the political atmosphere in many countries remains at the status quo, a huge number of young people are leaving southeast Europe, resulting in brain drain phenomenon all around the SEE area and further. It is only with the united civil society that some changes can be made in the context of increasing youth activism. 

Are you a young liberal political activist, student of political or social sciences or representative of NGOs involved in youth political participation from B&H, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania, Croatia and Bulgaria?  

Become a part of THIRD Civic Platform for Young Liberal Activists generation (CPLA) and: 

The thematic units will be divided into TWO MODULES:

June 28-30, 2022; Sarajevo, BIH – First module

Speakers include:

Applications for this project are closed.

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