Digitalisation, AI, and its impact on society had been peripheral topics until COVID- 19 spread throughout Europe. Despite or just of COVID-19, however, the digital transformation is happening, and it will shape the future of European society and politics. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 crisis also revealed major weaknesses of European digital infrastructure and digital awareness. Europe lacks in digital infrastructure in rural areas and the scientific and education sector, e.g. public schools or adequate research programs. Moreover, BREXIT led to a 55% loss of private equity funds within the European AI sector. Since then, the EU has not yet defined a strategic focus on AI companies within the European single market nor did EU member states overcome the sentiments of deficits within the AI and digital sector in comparison to other industrial regions. Besides, the ongoing debate on whether internet access must be a human right and financed and through social security schemes intensified during the COVID-19 crisis. 

The project asked how can the EU and its member states encourage investments in the AI sector and foster substantial European digital infrastructure improvement? In two publications we discussed this question.  

In this launch event we want to present the results of this project to the public. 

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