The pandemic and the economic fallout from prolonged restrictive measures are changing the socio-economic landscape across Europe, directly affecting millions of citizens. The green and digital transitions at the heart of EU plans for a post-Covid recovery are setting the tone for common European responses in other policy sectors, such as health and social policy.   

With social issues high on the agenda, the Commission and the Portuguese Presidency are hosting the EU Social Summit in Porto on 7-8 May. This major initiative aims at discussing the common EU approach to mitigating social implications of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the double sustainability and digital transition. 

How can European welfare systems respond to demographic and social changes and foster the inclusiveness of our societies, as they are becoming more complex and diverse? How do we ensure that EU social policy respects subsidiarity and conditionality principles? How can we show solidarity with all social groups across the Union and effectively address such phenomena as poverty, social exclusion, discrimination, barriers to work and education?  

Dragos Pislaru, MEP, Renew Europe Group
Giorgio Vernoni, Member of the Scientific Committee, Centro Einaudi 

Moderated by Maria Alesina, PhD, European Liberal Forum 

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