Cybersecurity is not only about staying safe on the web. It encompasses a set of transversal practices to ensure “security” for anyone connected to the internet, being them large shipping companies, public employees, providers of digital services or households checking their bank account on a smartphone app. The threats coming from cyberspace can affect anyone and everywhere and might be coming from anyone and everywhere. These threats and dangers have been increasing over the past decades, while the situation will become even more complex due to the emergence of new and disruptive attack technologies. To keep pace with the upcoming challenges, the European Union must develop specific knowledge, technologies, skills, and high-level expertise to protect European citizens against these new threats. This can only be achieved by investing in in-house European Cybersecurity solutions among the EU 27 Member States. 

This On The Agenda webinar will assess the current cybersecurity threats in Europe, the existing tools and will discuss the way forward to a safer use of new technologies on the continent.  

Speakers include:

Moderated by Beatriz Ríos, EU Correspondent

Introduction by Daniel Kaddik, Executive Director, European Liberal Forum  

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