About the event

The primary language of this event will be French.

The digitalisation of our societies made ‘technological determinism’ a reality. With the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and High-Performance Computing on modern society and industry, policymakers are forced to take bold decisions to manage their impact while bearing in mind the rapid shifts in geopolitical contexts. As a result, new security architectures are needed to counter the sophistication of threats in the cyber and information domains. The only problem? The difficulty that decision-makers have in keeping up with and mastering these advancements raises the question of ‘TechnoPolitics’: can politics shape technology? Or will technology shape future political agendas?

While Member States’ resilience and responses to digitalisation must evolve to match threats and ensure true digital strategic sovereignty, the French experience represents an example of best practices in this field. The French government has promoted substantial investments in digitalisation, cybersecurity, and the protection of citizens online. However, new concerns regarding data protection and externally financed attacks are rising, while hostile information manipulation campaigns threaten our democratic procedures.

This event, co-organised by the European Liberal Forum and the Master Affaires Européennes association, will examine the context and challenges of our digital future, trying to answer one question: are we ready to connect the unconnected?


Speakers include:

Moderator: Julien Hoez, Political consultant

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