About the event

Emotional appeals are a central part of political communication. In Europe we thought we do things in a different way, namely that our politics is funded on facts and knowledge, and convincing people requires solely detailed programs and great policy papers. But we can observe that the success of populist and alt-right movements is based on something very different, namely on emotions and good story telling. Luckily, more and more liberals understood that, and showed that they can also be successful by using this strategy. 

Tell Me Your Story is a platform for learning and exchanging experiences on storytelling and emotions in communications for liberal organizations. It allows liberal communicators to discus best practices on fighting populism/nationalism and learn from top communication experts how to sell a good story. 



HQ of Ciudadanos, Ronda Sant Pau, 69 Barcelona 

10:00 Welcome 

Noemí de la Calle, Secretary of Institutional Relations in Catalonia, Cs  

Miłosz Hodun, Board Member, European Liberal Forum 

10:15 Inspirations from Madrid 

Raquel Bañon, Communications Manager, FNF Madrid 

11:15 Coffee break 

11:45 Brains & politics 

Michal Tecza, trainer, Projekt: Polska 

13:00 Lunch 

The Market 67, Ronda de Sant Pau, 67 

15:00 Visit in the Catalan Parliament 

16:00 Political storytelling in Catalonia 

Nacho Martín Blanco, Secretary of Communication & Spokesman in Catalonia, Cs  

Anna Grau Arias, MP, Cs 

19:00 Dinner 

Casa Rafols, Ronda Sant Pere, 74 


09:30 Exercse in the city 

Sagrada Familia, c/ de Mallorca, 401 

12:30 Debriefing of the exercise 

13:00 Lunch 

Pepa Tomate, Plaça Revolució de Setembre 1868, 17 

14:00 Mastering storytelling 

Emil Kirjas, Managing Director, Kirjas Global 

18:00 Evaluation and follow up 

Michał Tęcza, Projekt: Polska 

19:00 Dinner 

Xiroi Ca La Nuri, Passeig Marítim de la Nova Icària, 38 


10:00 Individual consultations  

14:00 Organizers’ evaluation of the projects   

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