About the Stakeholders’ Dialogue 

At the European Liberal Forum, our mission is to ensure the continued development of European Liberalism, to find liberal solutions to increasingly complex European issues, and to strengthen the knowledge and abilities of every member of the broader liberal family. Finding the right policy solutions requires coordination and knowledge sharing.   

The European Liberal Forum’s “Stakeholders’ Dialogues” serves as a platform for an open and informed exchange of views between a diverse network of MEPs, policy advisors and experts from the corporate sector and enables public-private exchanges on the most pressing questions on the EU political agenda. 

In focus: Digital Strategic Autonomy (DSA) 

Achieving strategic autonomy goes beyond industrial competitiveness or security. It is also essential not to fall behind competitors in new technologies and digitalisation. Critical (digital) infrastructure, supply chain, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and cybersecurity must be considered the main instruments of digital strategic autonomy.   

Although several proposals are already on the table to boost European digital competitiveness (Digital Market Act, European Chips Act, Critical Raw Material Act, EU Health Data Space, to name a few), the debate is ongoing: Subsidise or not? How to regulate markets, if at all? What are the best ways to foster a level playing field for the actors in the internal market? The answers to such questions differ significantly across the EU institutions.  

The first meeting of ELF’s “Stakeholders’ Dialogues” will focus on the issue of Digital Strategic Autonomy. By exploring the main challenges in cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, supply chain and data economy, the dialogue will allow legislators, policymakers and business stakeholders to get a novel perspective on the ongoing legislative proposals.  


Opening remarks by:

Topic I. Critical infrastructure as a key instrument of Digital Strategic Autonomy 

Topic II. Competitiveness and creating a level playing field for the internal market  

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