About the event

Taking into consideration the lack of cooperation among the progressive forces of Western Balkans and the rest of Europe as well, it is of immense importance to cherish the good relationship between the liberals of the region and within the European Union, especially now after one year of Russia’s aggression on Ukraine. We would gather liberals across the region to join in this panel discussion and discuss the importance of Western Balkans collaboration in the liberal context and discuss their EU enlargement path.  

Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the Republika Srpska as one of the entities that is strictly pro-Russian, must be followed with special care to prevent becoming a potential site of a new conflict. Accordingly, it needs to be prevented in time and a clear strategy to fight against the malignant Russian influence needs to be established. To prevent any conflict in a region known for negative peace, it is necessary to constantly raise awareness of negative influences and pro-Russian policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. 


Western Balkans between EU and Russia 


Moderator: Haris Bilalović, BHRT, Bosnia and Herzegovina 

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