The Centro di Ricerca e Documentazione Luigi Eineudi is an independent non-profit research institute based in Torino. The Centro Einaudi was founded in 1963 and is entitled to the second President of the Italian Republic, a liberal statesman and economist. 

The Centro Einaudi’s mission is to conduct independent research at the local, national and international level elaborate resolutions and provide innovative recommendations for policymakers responding to the principles of modern liberalism in terms of purposes and implementation method; disseminate and discuss the results of the research and the proposed solutions via specific publications, seminars and conferences. 

The Centro’s research agenda include political economy, social politics and welfare, liberal theory, comparative public policy and reforms, regional development, bioethics and it aims to be a reference in the Italian cultural panorama both on the theoretic and on the empirical level. 

Among the longstanding activities of the Centro Einaudi:  

Address: Centro di Ricerca e Documentazione Luigi Einaudi, Corso Re Umberto, Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

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