Fundacja Liberté! (Liberté! Foundation) is a think tank and a civil society organization founded in 2007 in Poland. The mission of the Foundation is to promote an open society, liberal economic ideas and European integration, and to organize a social movement around these ideas in Poland. The main focus of our activities is publishing expert, ideological, socio-political magazine Liberté! – a quarterly magazine in print and an online magazine The Foundation is an experienced organizer of events,workshops, and conferences (eg. Freedom Games), as well as social campaigns (eg.Secular School).

The Foundation’s main objective is to create in Poland a viable liberal alternative to the mainstream conservative attitudes in the form of a comprehensive and interdisciplinary institution capable of efficient influencing Polish citizens in a bid to bring about a liberal change in the country and the society as a whole.

Furthermore, together with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, the Foundation coordinates the network – a joint project of over a dozen of think tanks from Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic States (including Fundacja Liberté!, FOR, Projekt: Polska, INESS, F.A. Hayek Foundation, Svetilnik,  Republikon Institute, Liberalni Institut, LFMI, Academy of Liberalism, Liberales Institut, and IME), which by regularly publishing expert analyses and commentaries makes a liberal perspective from the region more accessible and available both in Europe, and the world.

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