The School of Liberal Politics within the framework of cooperation with international and local organizations was established in 2017.  It is affiliated with the “Bright Armenia” political party and is a structural body of the Institute of Liberal Politics non-governmental organization (NGO), founded in 2018. The School of Liberal Politics is the first and major component of the “Institute of Liberal Politics” NGO. It aims at preparing new a generation of leaders who are willing to bear and spread liberal values and become advocates for democratic consolidation through non-formal civic and political education of the youth throughout Armenia.

The second major component of the “Institute of Liberal Politics” NGO is the expert group that include our best fellows from all 3 generations as well as the board members of the organization. The expert group is a very important structural body of the organization, conducting research and giving expert opinions on domestic and foreign issues of the state, as well as participating in various public and political debates. This is a group of professionals that have an influence on the public discourse.

The core principle of the Organization’s activity is the continuous development of cooperation culture which brings consolidation, inclusiveness and the development of multilaterally empowered society.

The education course of the School of Liberal Politics covers topics on economic, political, social affairs and leadership skills. The lectures are being organized on most actual topics with the participation of local and foreign experts as well as the representatives of the academic community of RA. Aside from the organization of lectures on different topics, within the School of Liberal Politics debates and meetings with chief guests are also organized within the School of Liberal Politics.

Partners of the “Institute of Liberal Politics” NGO include the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), Haya van Someren Stichting / VVD Internationaal and National Democratic Institute (NDI).

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