The Swedish People’s Party together with its women’s and youth league founded Svenska Bildningsförbundet in 1973. The initial goal of SBF was to organise local workshops and provide training for candidates and campaign staff in fields relating to the mission of the party.

Today the role of Svenska Bildningsförbundet has grown and matured to an organisation that provides broad political and ideological support in a wider sense. SBF wants to drive the conversation in society by creating spaces where political and societal matters are being discussed from a liberal point of view.

As a strong advocate of liberal solutions to today’s societal challenges Svenska Bildningsförbundet hosts seminars, both short weekday-seminars and full day more comprehensive seminars on a wide range of topics. SBF also publishes books and pamphlets on important political issues a commissions surveys to gain a better understanding of how society views different topics.

SBF runs an internship program, Liberal Praktik, which gives young people the opportunity to grow at high-level organisations in Cape Town, London, Brussels, Berlin and Washington D.C.

SBF also runs a leadership development program, Ledarskapsakademin (the Leadership Academy), aimed at developing the skills of young adults as they mature into leadership roles in society. The program focuses on international relations, competitiveness, global trade, sustainable development and a wide range of other topics.

In 2016 Svenska Bildningsförbundet founded a think tank called “Agenda”. Its main task is to find out ways of promoting new long-term policies that are going to shape Finland and Europe. Agenda publishes research papers made by leading experts in Scandinavia.

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