Year: 2021

Editor: Luciano Vasques

ISSN: 978-2-39067-014-8

The scope of this paper is to provide an overview of the regulation of Foreign Direct investments (FDI) in the EU. Following the pandemic, the control of FDI in the EU has been increased in several Eu member states. With this work, we provide a brief overview of the national regulations, individuating possible suggestions for better coordination of the Member state FDI control at the EU level in order to balance the internal security needs with the scope of avoiding that these controls could jeopardize the FDIs in the EU.In the last part of the work, we make some considerations on the FDI’s control in a broader geopolitics scenario. We reached the conclusion that it is needed reinforcement of a common and coordinated EU policy of FDI screening in the contest of a coordinated EU defense and foreign policy.

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