Global warming. Climate change. Air, water, and soil pollution. Deforestation. Collective health. Animal and wildlife endangerment. And the list could go on. We refer to all those problems generally associated with the perceived global threats associated with the environment and the need the governments and policymakers throughout the world to adopt environmentally-friendly policies. Within the EU framework, the adoption of the European Green Deal, with the goal of ultimately reaching climate neutrality by 2050, focused even more on the attention of the general public and the public debate on the issue. Nevertheless, when speaking about the environment (and environmentalism accordingly) it is essential to bear in mind that the reality is not as simple as it might look. This means environmental-friendly policies are not necessarily associated with lower consumerism or lower growth. On the contrary, a proper liberal economic approach is capable to bring positive environmental outcomes. In this regard, the present publication presents four contributions, each providing a different point of view on the topic.

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