The EU Policy Review is an anthology of publications curated by the European Liberal Forum (ELF) throughout the previous year. Topics explored range from international relations to technological advancements, from environmental concerns to cultural developments, and from combating misinformation to promoting the liberal policy agenda. The variety of subjects mirrors the multifaceted EU policy landscape of 2022. During the year, political discourse was dominated by the ongoing pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine, external challenges, internal turmoil, how to involve Europeans in shaping the continent’s future and laying the legislative groundwork for the EU’s long-term transformation towards a digital, sustainable, and more equitable tomorrow.

Each of these issues incites discussions and opposing viewpoints, both within the liberal family and in relation to its ideological rivals. In this environment, ELF, as a think tank, seeks to offer liberal policymakers, specialists, and the general public a dependable source of innovative expertise.

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