Year: 2022

Editors: Anes Hodžić

The articles presented in this book confront some of the most pressing issues of the Western Balkan region. In countries where the number of women elected to parliaments is declining with every ballot, it is of utmost importance to improve women’s participation in politics. Systemic corruption is reported at all levels of government. Unfortunately, instead of teaching students about methods applicable to solving their confronting issues, they learn a multitude of unnecessary and unusable information. This is why the proposal to teach students about the economy and managing personal finances is worth respecting.
All the issues these young authors raise in their policy papers have not only pinpointed some of the most important problems in the Western Balkans, but also suggested solutions to them. Most importantly, these solutions are not wish lists, but they are valuable suggestions that the decision-makers can consider when implementing them. Last but not least, even in times of crisis and threats to liberty and democracy, there are still beacons of hope. Young people who participated in this policy paper are that shining examples of the Western Balkans. This is just a step in their journey to lead their countries towards European Union integration, and we expect to hear much more from them in the future.

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