Our annual Idea Accelerator event acts as a platform in advancing valuable and innovative concepts, brought from the forefront of European politics, by our 47 renowned member organisations from across continent. This year we are focusing on ‘Media Freedom in the age of Tech Disruption’, an issue of high importance within our political landscape.  

Media Freedom in the age of Tech Disruption 

How can we embrace technologies that will progress media, while ensuring credibility, reliability and media freedom? Following the fast transition of traditional methods to digitised processes, disinformation, fake news and propaganda is poisoning European media now more than ever. 

As a result, the freedoms of some EU states are under threat. Journalists are restricted or even attacked in their work, outlets are censored, and the general media landscape is being suffocated.  

Through a series of panels featuring many speakers such as, MEP, Ondřej Kovařík, Marcus Ryder MBE and Błażej Lenkowski, President of Fundacja Liberté we will address the important areas including, ‘The Media Freedom Act’, ‘Bitcoin, Crypto and the Future of Media’ and,Clickbait, PR, Ownership and the Future of Investigative Journalism’. We will also be hosting a session on ‘The decentralized fight against a Russian propaganda machine‘, where we will welcome speakers, Sviatoslav Hnizdovskyi and Sophia Hnizdovska from the Informational Strategies Council of Ukraine to offer their insights on issue from the Ukrainain perspective.

You can download the full event programme below.  

In this idea’s hub, we bring together the leading think tanks from across Europe to find solutions and debate the issue of our media rights and tackling the growing disinformation problem.  This event is organised by ELF in cooperation with our members FNF, Fundacja Liberté, IPPS, LIPA, Teldersstichting, Projekt: Polska, Movimento Liberal Social and The Paddy Ashdown Forum, presents a unique opportunity to be a part of the discussion in finding vital solutions towards a free and democratic future for all Europeans. With many more high-level speakers to be announced soon, don’t miss out and register today.   

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