ISBN: 978-2-39067-045-2
Year: 2022
Editor: Prof. M. Murat ERDOĞAN

This publication aims at contributing to the establishment of sustainable, inclusive and target-group-oriented training policies for migrants by supporting the consistency of training opportunities for migrants according to the current/future demands of European job markets through research and discussions with focus groups such as migrants, employers, NGO representatives, decision-makers, etc.

The project seeks to contribute to this vision by matching migrants’ skills and qualifications with labour market needs in European cities – since effective, long-term and target-group-oriented training policies are essential in order to achieve the goal of promoting economic integration. These will be shared with decision-makers for them to design a holistic strategy which includes effective, long-term and target-group-oriented training policies and modules.

Also, as part of the project, local community stakeholders from Turkey, Spain, Greece and Germany learn from each other’s experiences and practices regarding skills-based training, vocational education and entrepreneurship training. The project supports the economic liberalism approach by focusing on strengthening individuals at the core of the economic integration process.

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