Year: 2021

Author: Dániel Mikecz, Senior Research Fellow at Republikon Institute

ISSN: 978-615-6300-02-7

The chapters of the volume have been selected according to the above mentioned goals. Carmen Descamps’ chapter looks into the changing circumstances of working, how people can collaborate across boarders, how they can profit from the adaptation to the lockdown by being a digital nomad. Marco Mariani contradicts the COVID related lockdown and health security measures and individual freedom from a classical liberal perspective. Márton Schalnger analyzes the interrelation of the pandemic and employment in the Hungarian context. In his contribution he emphasizes how the pandemic promoted the tendency of remote working. Finally, in his chapter, Ricardi Silvestre scrutinizes the effect on lockdown measures on European mobility and the various digital solutions, which were developed during the COVID pandemic. Nevertheless, he also highlights the dangers and threats of these applications on privacy and summirizes the consequences of lockdown on European freedoms.

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